Who We Are

Syncmode Solutions is a fast emerging management consultancy firm composed of a network of industry experts who are engaged in various aspects of business management consultancy specifically in the fields of research, operations, human resources, organizational development and quality management system.

Untitled-1Officially registered under DTI in March 2012 but fully operational last June 2014

Our goal is simple :   To be one of the top recognized organizations in the Philippines centered for its leadership and excellence in the field of total business management consultancy and research that aims to achieve business success and sustainability for our stakeholders.

Our Humble Beginnings

Syncmode was the brainchild of 3 freelance consultants who have expertise in various fields such as operations, innovation, human resources, organizational development and quality management. The three have been taking up clients from the manufacturing and construction industries for about 2 years when they decided to officially register the company in the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) on March 2012.

After a time of actively taking up many freelance consultancy jobs, the members of the group became quite busy with their full time work and freelance work had to take a back seat. They, however, had continuing discussions and plans for the company.

In early 2014, the pioneers met with a group of researchers who also aspire to put up their own research agency. After a series of discussions, a business plan was finally approved by the group and action plans were set to make the company fully operational.

Finally, in mid-June of 2014, Syncmode became fully operational, complete with all the necessary certifications and legal requirements of a local business. The portfolio includes a host of research services and management consultancy offerings.


Our Commitment…

To be the recognized center of leadership and excellence for total management solutions and research services in the Philippines that support organizations achieve business success and sustainability.


  • To surpass our clients’ expectations by providing the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction through holistic, value-added and cost-effective solutions and services.
  • To build a strong and collaborative partnership with our stakeholders by emphasizing transparency, openness and dynamism.
  • To strengthen the capability development of our people through optimized talent management technologies aligned with the values and principles of the Company.
  • To uphold a culture of innovation, leadership and competitive edge in our products, processes and people through continuous improvement and development in general.

Passionate – “We convey achievement with desire”
We are self driven and motivated individuals who consider work as a mission in achieving our goals and succeed in all our endeavors. We work with purpose and fortitude in delivering excellence. We face every challenge with a big heart and an absolute conviction to deliver solutions to our stake holders.


Pragmatic – “We are driven by a win-win mentality”
We perceive challenges with a balance, sensible and realistic approach. We are practical, straightforward and resourceful in every solution that we create. We will go the extra mile in providing the best preference to our stakeholders.


Integrity – “We brand our decisions with transparency” We act with utmost business ethical standards in all our professional deeds and remain authentic and impartiality in everything we do. We stay true to our commitments and can responsibly speak our minds.


Entrepreneurial – “We raise the bar high in setting standards”
We are tenacious in our pursuit for excellence and are propelled as a team to take on ambitious targets for constant growth. We are amenable to change as we are responsive to development. Our unparalleled willingness for realizing our goals is what fuels us to success.


Technical Capability

– Maintain a pool of dynamic and highly competent professionals from different fields of expertise such as but not limited to Operations, Project Management, Quality Management Systems, Human Resources Development, Research and Data analytics

– Develop localized and highly trained MS Auditors

Technological Capability

  • Apply standardized and structured procedures  aligned with ISO 9001:2008
  • Utilize a secured web portal
  • Use updated software for data processing, measurements and analytics such as SPSS, STATA, SAS, Mini Tab and Eviews
  • Capable of using android application such as Com Care Mobile data collection and Com Care HQ for monitoring, client management, decision support, Questionnaire design and development