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Mystery Shopping

Syncmode Solutions can help your business protect your brand by placing premium to quality, price and customer experience. We can collaborate with you to design and develop standards as reference for real-time onsite evaluation wherein results shall be used for process improvements and training of front-line personnel. We can support your Company in developing your employees while driving increased bottom-line performance.

Our proven workflow

Syncmode Solutions have mastered the use of phone, written and audio-video supported mystery shopping programs to deliver accurate, reliable and reality-based data from captured customer experience responsive to the needs and requirements of its Clients.

We have skilled and qualified mystery auditors who conduct phone and onsite visits with the aim of verifying the quality, compliance, and effectiveness of the Clients’ products, personnel and performance.

The Mystery Shopping

Phone Mystery Shopping


Written Mystery Shopping

Audio-Video Mystery Shopping


Frequently Asked Question

Why Mystery Shopping?

You can gain thorough grasp and in-depth understanding of their customers’ perspectives and experiences when using their products or services.

Can I monitor?

You can monitor staff and officers’ adherence and compliance to policies and quality and performance standards.

What else?

You are guided in validating the adherence of your firm to its branding and image.